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1. We accept bank transfers directly into our bank account:

mBank S.A. Poland
We accept transfers in EURO
IBAN: PL 97114020040000311212411171

Company data:

Projekt-TECH LTD., Sokolniki 120, 42-320 Niegowa, POLAND. VAT ID: 577-199-24-27

If you are interested in fast shipping - after making a payment send us a confirmation of transfer in the form .pdf - the goods will be sent immediately after verification confirmation.
As long as the confirmation of the transfer will reach us by 12.00, it is almost certain that the courier for your shipment will be ordered on the same business day.

In the title of the transfer, please enter your order ID or mailing address

2. You can pay via PayPal

Please send payment directly to our ID:

In the payment title, please enter your order ID or shipping details.
If get problem during payment- please change web browser to CHROME/FIREFOX/SAFARI  or MsEDGE and temporary switch OFF ad-block plugins

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