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LPG filter, single phase 12x12mm from Czaja

Vapour phase filter 12x12 mm tissue paper or polyester popular in STAG KME LOVATO LANDI ATIKER and others

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Number: FL01S-SP12

Condition: 999 pcs.

Condition of the product: New

Warranty: Manufacturer's warranty

Type of the filter
vapour phase filter
Type of LPG filter cartridge
tissue papper 843 VH 134
polyester 478/170 + 0.50 Euro
Filter inlet
Ø 12mm
filter outlet
Ø 12mm

Price: 2.50 Euro

Quantity: pcs.
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A metal vapour phase filter that fits most autogas sequential installations with gas lines diameter of 12/12 mm


AC Stag 4 Q-box Q-max 20000, Kme Diego Bingo Nevo, Autogaz AGC Zenit Compact Bluebox, Lovato Fast Smart Exr Exp, Europegas, Dt-gas system, Europegas, Esgi, Eureka, Agis, Altis, Brc sequent 24 32 56, Bigas, LPGTECH, Landi Renzo, Tomasetto, Tartarini, Valtek, Solaris and so on ....

Filter mounted between the LPG injections set and reducer.


  • FLASH PHASE: with high quality paper insert
  • FILTER AREA: 0.039m2
  • CAPACITY: 18 l / s
  • INLET / OUTLET: 12/12 mm

67R-010 703

High quality filter paper effectively stops almost all solid contaminants with diameters of about 2 μm, protecting gas injectors.
Regular filter replacement every 10-15 thousands km ensures adequate lifetime of the entire LPG installation with the vehicle.
The vapour phase filter is of particular importance to the operation of gas injectors and has a direct effect on preventing the firing of valves in the engine head. Clean gas injectors can deliver identical portions of gas to individual cylinders and this has a direct impact on the proper engine operation parameters and the process of its consumption.

A filter from the Polish producer CZAJA




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