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LPG GPL or CNG - in vehicles as clean fuel

Date Added: 13-03-2021 We pay more and more attention to ecological cars. Today, electric and hybrid cars are the leaders in ecology. Meanwhile, LPG-powered cars are unjustly omitted in these comparisons.

In fact, autogas cars are much more environmentally friendly than, for example, hybrids. All you need to do is take a look at the exhaust gas analysis from a gas and petrol-powered car. The differences in the amount of impurities are visible to the naked eye.


Carbon dioxide in gasoline exhaust

altEnvironmentalists sound the alarm that pollution of the environment with carbon dioxide CO2, resulting from the combustion of fuel, is growing year by year. So why hardly any country supports the LPG industry and does not popularize autogas as a fuel that is much more environmentally friendly? The answer to these questions may be cost effectiveness and budget benefits, not a genuine concern for ecology. However, not only carbon dioxide is a threat to the environment. CO, or carbon monoxide, popularly known as carbon monoxide, is much more dangerous than CO2. Again, the greatest amount of it is contained in gasoline and diesel exhaust fumes. There are trace amounts of them in autogas exhaust gas.


LPG as a fuel with a low carbon content

altWhat are the toxic pollutants in the exhaust gases from? They are a by-product of coal combustion. Its greatest amounts are found in diesel and gasoline. The smallest ones are in autogas. In the process of its combustion, minimal amounts of pollutants are formed. The most important components of autogas are propane and butane.

Comparing it with the composition of gasoline or diesel oil, we can find there a dozen to several dozen times more carbon particles than in LPG. In practice, by burning petrol or diesel, we pollute the atmosphere much more, sending large amounts of toxins to it. Of course, this process may be limited to some extent by filters, catalysts and more and more modern engine designs.


Bicarbonates and nitrogen oxides


ther health-threatening and environmentally hazardous components that occur in fossil fuel exhaust gases are bicarbonates and nitrogen oxides. They are one of the main causes of smog and acid rain. What can be done to improve the situation? Of course, install an LPG installation in the car.

altDuring the combustion of autogas, trace amounts of bicarbonate are formed. This is due to the greater volume of air in the combustion chamber than gas. In this way, a higher combustion temperature is obtained, which allows the gas to be almost completely burned out, resulting in clean exhaust gas. However, when it comes to NOx, it is not present in LPG autogas.

In summary, LPG is a clean fuel that should be used in as many motor vehicles as possible.The LPG exhaust contains nearly 20% less toxic carbon compounds than the gasoline or diesel exhaust gases. The proof that LPG cars are environmentally friendly is also the fact that such cars can easily enter the so-called green zones in many European cities.
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