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Remote assistance


In case of problems with running the equipment, we can use our remote assistance
1. Download and run the free application
ico Program to free remote assistance (2.2MB)

2. "Read Your ID" and contact with our company technical support person (we speak english and availiable on WhatsApp/FaceTime/Viber/mobile (+48)88-305-19-32 and share us with Your ID. [Picture 1, P.1]

Technical support - program view

Picture 1.
3. Next step You will get incoming connection request as below. Set access rights [picture 2. P.2] and accept [picture 2, P.3]
Technical support - main program confirmations view
 Picture 2.

4. Additional information to be prepared for the effective help process

  • manufacturer name and autogas ECU model in the car
  • approximate date of LPG production or assembly
  • the circumstances of the merger problems - if everything worked before

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