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Main Page » LPG CNG Dedicated interfaces » PTbrc Interface USB FTDI LPG for BRC Sequent 24 32 56 LDi Plug Drive
Brc Sequent 24 32 56 interface USB FTDIBrc Sequent diagnostic interface lead
Brc Sequent 24 32 56 interface USB FTDIBrc Sequent diagnostic interface lead
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PTbrc Interface USB FTDI LPG for BRC Sequent 24 32 56 LDi Plug Drive

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Average rating 5/5
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Number: PTbrc

Condition of the product: New

Warranty: Manufacturer's warranty

Electronic protection
FTDI HVP professional with High Voltage Protection
OPTO&FTDI with galvanic separation and longer cable 4,5 meters + 2.50 Euro

Price: 25.00 Euro

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New ProjektTECH LPG CNG diagnostic interface cable compatible with BRC sequent autogas systems

Our interface cable allow to full attempt to gas computer. Use normal PC with Windows to perform autogas map edit, read and clear data crash codes in brc ECUs (DTC), tank level indicator calibration, edit temperature and time dependencies in strategy of gasoline/autogas switching, advanced settings like injectors, sensors and other type of equipement.

Projekt-TECH interface BRC is 100% compatible with old (all free software availiable to download from our website) and new software (licensed software BRC CALIBRATION TOOL official availiable for professional workshops)

Supported ECUs
  • Sequent 24, 32, 56 (MY07, MY08, MY09, My10, MY11)
  • Sequent fast (Fastness)
  • Sequent Fly
  • Sequent Plug and Drive (P&D)
  • Sequent Direct injection (SDi)
  • MTM Eco Drive
  • BRC LDi
  • and all other with 3-pins connector


  • genuine OPTO&FTDI chip guarantee stable communication and simple drivers installation
  • cable lenght 4,5 meters
  • 3 LED's communication diodes:
    • RED - ready to work - this diode will flash only if drivers installed correct
    • GREEN - is blinking when transmission is beeing from the car to the computer
    • YELLOW - is blinking when transmission is beeing from the computer to the car
  • works with Windows XP/Server2003/Vista/7/8/8.1/Server2008(32 & 64-bit)/Windows 10, Linux and MacOS systems
  • item is brand new, covered 24 months warranty (easy swap)

Real view

Projekt-tech interface usb lpg cng for brc mtm sequent

USB LPG cable for BRC Plug&Drive, LDi

LPG diagnostic interface made by ProjektTECH with USB FTDI equiped with high voltage protection. Designed for workshop use. Genuine electronics, strong and flexible cable and additional safety components make our devices stable and safe, regardless of the external factors generated by the operating engine and vehicle components.
The interface allows full diagnostics of the LPG system as well as adjustment (self calibration, maps, switching temperature, rotation, etc.).
  • Very easy installation in any operating system (FTDI chip)
  • additional protection systems (overvoltage and reverse polarity)
  • trouble-free cooperation with the latest diagnostic programs
  • SERVICING 100% of the functions of gas controllers
  • 4 meters solid double shielded wire (aluminum screen + braided steel bundle)
  • reinforced cable ends
  • Rain-resistant interface (rubber flanges, SMD controls inside the enclosure)
  • Works on Windows 10 and all previous versions
  • 3 x LED in housing:
READY - ready to work, the LED lights up after drivers are installed
IN - transmission is beeing to the PC
OUT - transmission is beeing to the vehicle
  • Interface electronics (PCB PCB) is machine made in SMD (FR4 epoxy) technology - enclosed in a sealed enclosure approximately 0,7 m from the PC socket
Kit Contents:
  • NEW diagnostic interface
  • Receipt or invoice as warranty (easy swap or full refund)
  • Guide and connector table (printed)
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT - If you have problems, we will answer your questions and provide you with links to websites with free access to a rich database of LPG files.

The OPTO & FTDI diagnostic interface is an extended version of the FTDI professional interface. Additional features include 100% separation of the car's circuitry from the PC for even more safety of the interface and complete transmission security in case of vehicle malfunction. The FTDI and OPTO & FTDI professional interfaces also have a rainproof housing and longer cable. Dedicated for workshops.

OPTO & FTDI galvanic separation by
Configuration and use our cable with STAG - POLAND
Diagnostic KME Diego G3 - GERMANY
Zenit Pro - UnitedKingdom / Supplied from our dealer in Bulgaria
Product rating: Product rating 5/5 Date of review write:

All good, fast shiping

Product rating: Product rating 5/5 Date of review write:

It works perfectly thanks

Product rating: Product rating 5/5 Date of review write:

fast shipping to NL. Valuable telephone support


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